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    Yoga is nothing new; archeology dates it back to at least the 5th century. But it’s exploded in the last decade. Nowadays, it’s common practice to grab your light weight basic t shirt or your comfy hoodies and sweatshirts and head out the door, mat in hand. This practice has grown so popular that it’s changed the face of women’s casual wear: yoga pants are a staple of the female wardrobe, even when a global pandemic isn’t afoot.

    Yep, the planet is down with downward dog.

    Of all the types of clothes we own, sweatshirts are among the most called upon. Like an old friend after a rough day, they embrace us with their cotton arms in a swarm of comfort. Sweatshirts are so popular, in fact, that the average person owns three or four. Except for Trevor Noah – he owns a ton!

    While we often pull on sweatshirts without giving them much thought (What makes them tick? Or, more accurately, what makes them thick?), this apparel is interesting. If it walked into a bar, the cute graphic t shirts and fluffy sherpa hoodies would rush to sit near it, hoping to hear it spin a yarn or two.

    Some of its most fascinating facts are easily revealed through a little Q&A…...