Outfit ideas for Zoom party

Having a Virtual Party? 6 Outfit Ideas to Include in the Fun

For many people, virtual life has become a way of life. From Facetiming friends to speaking online with colleagues, from talking to our parents (Dad, hold the phone up – all I can see is the bottom of your chin!) to checking in with the boss from a cabana in paradise, video conferencing isn’t just for The Jetsons; it’s for us, too.

The surge in its popularity also provides the opportunity to “get together” even when separated by miles and oceans. And that means you can have a party anytime you want (bonus: You don’t have to do the dishes afterwards).

But throwing a virtual party does require us to get out of our pajamas. We can no longer turn heads as we enter a room, but we can certainly turn them as we log on to Zoom.

So, what to wear, what to wear? Try on one of the following:

Something simple: A black v neck t shirt? A cotton dress? A boyfriend hoodie that shows you have style behind closed doors? Simple minimalist outfits make perfectly reasonable choices - no one will fault you for saying nada to the Prada as you mingle from your living room. Comfort is always in fashion!

Something plain: It’s not often you head to a party hoping to be the plainest person in all the land. But busy clothes don’t work well on video conferencing. Plaids, stripes, and polka dots can prove distracting to those who’ve joined online and provide a rough visual for the eyes. Solid colors, on the other hand, make for the perfect picture.

A cocktail gown: Okay, we’re completely contradicting ourselves, but what’s an article without a little controversy. If you want to dress up to feel fancy, do it! Break out that cocktail gown and go to town (proverbially, of course). Let your high heels heal you!

A theme: Even better than a virtual party is a virtual theme party! Tell your guests what to wear and coordinate ahead of time.  Band t shirts or football jerseys? Disney sweatshirts or your best 80s threads? Togas? Top hats? Terry cloth robes? Anything goes on the internet!

Something in your color: Many people know their color, the hue that gets them huge props. It might be red or purple. It might be green or blue. It might be bright hot pink. Whatever it is, pick a dress, shirt, or jumper that features your color prominently. That way, you’ll “go” to the virtual party looking your best.

Something that doesn’t require pants: Not wearing pants is half the fun of video conferencing. Live on the edge.......with your legs exposed.

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