Fashion & Practicality: Four Hues that Work Best for Summer

Fashion & Practicality: Four Hues that Work Best for Summer

There are some looks all but impossible to pull off during the summer. The warm days aren’t too friendly to long, dark trench coats or sheepskin hand muffs. Even your best hoodies and sweatshirts might be best untouched, left to sulk in the corner of the closet as cool graphic tees take their turn to shine.

But summer fashion doesn’t just mean putting away the parkas and embracing short-sleeves and thin fabric: color counts too. So, what kind of hue makes for a fabulous you? Several of them. Including:

White Clothes

White clothes are so synonymous with summer that there’s guidelines about wearing them after autumn beckons. But it turns out the American rule of “never wear white after Labor Day” has little to do with fashion and more to do with elitism. The adage was created by old money women trying to separate themselves from the new money women whom they saw as inferior. Historically, old money only wore white before Labor Day (which, in the United States, takes place the first Monday in September). Do it after and you risked people finding out that you weren’t a Rockefeller.

The snobbery aside, white makes a great summer color because it’s light, crisp, and fresh. But it’s also a pain in the blouse to keep clean. Opt to wear your best white t shirt for a stroll around the farmer’s market and not to a game of beer pong.

Red Clothes

Sure, red is synonymous with Christmas and, well, stop signs, yet it’s also a bold and vibrant fashion choice. In summer, red is red hot! Whether you’re headed to the office in a powerful red blazer or sitting beachside in a playful red cover up, this color is flexible and fun.

There’s an added bonus too, of course. Red clothes hide stains from both barbecues and strawberry popsicles. Go ahead and dig in!

Burnt Orange Clothes

Okay, so burnt orange isn’t a color people grab for often when looking in their closet. It’s not subtle, for one thing, and it can be hard to coordinate your outfit. It might be impossible to find a word that rhymes with orange but it feels impossible to find a pair of shoes that match with it.

Even if it’s a complex hue, burnt orange is making its mark in 2020 fashion.  Choose a flowing summer dress, top streetwear brands, or pair an orange tee with jeans. Denim is always down for anything.

Yellow Clothes

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Yellow is a color that just screams, “warm weather.” It elicits feelings of happiness, cheerfulness, and comfort and it’s synonymous with sunshine. Some believe that wearing yellow can boost the mood and help you feel more social (it is the shade of margaritas, after all). Choose from any yellow on the color spectrum, from light to golden.

All colors work for summer if you make them work. Still, the above hues can make the season a little brighter, helping assure that your fashion statement is well received.

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