Fashion Inspiration from 6 of the Best Netflix Shows

Fashion Inspiration from 6 of the Best Netflix Shows

With binge watching getting a giant boost, Netflix has never been more popular (we finished it). Old shows, new shows, reruns, originals - you can turn on the TV, get lost in the action, laugh at the comedy, and totally forget that there’s a pandemic swirling outside. Heck, even the mullet you’re sporting because of salon closures feels a little more empowering after laying eyes on Joe Exotic. He’s a king, after all.

When it comes to fashion, Netflix also gives us plenty of inspiration thanks to a lineup that captures the styles of different places and eras. Whether you’re dressing for a Zoom meeting or a socially distanced outing at the park, mimicking your favorite characters is fun and fabulous. And it’s a great way to spice up your wardrobe while staying at home.

So, what Netflix shows offers you a chance to experience the best tips? They include:

Stranger Things

A show that pays homage to the totally radical 1980s, the fashion, like the supernatural monsters, is out of this world. Bright colors, pastel tones, wild patterns, suspenders, and denim. So much denim. Grab your best casual outfits, your scrunchies, and your Aqua-net: The higher the bangs, the cooler you are. 

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A fantasy-drama enriched with Norse mythology, Ragnarok takes place in Western Norway. It features the styles you’d come to expect in a cool climate (Norway’s “warmest” month averages temperatures in the sixties). The characters are often found sporting flannel, long sleeve sweaters, Sherpa lined hoodies, thermal fluffy hoodies, layers, boots, and the obligatory faux fur coat. If it’s warm, they’re wearing it.

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The myth is real. Ragnarok drops January 31.

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The People’s Designer

You can certainly find true inspiration in a documentary about a fashion icon. The People’s Designer details Jeremy Scott’s Missouri farm roots to his rise as creative director at Moschino. It showcases the style for which he’s best known - streetwear, gorgeous graphics, and bold colors.

The people's designer Jeremy Scott

Killing Eve

A dark British spy thriller, Killing Eve pits an intelligence agent against Villanelle, a psychopathic assassin (whose fashion sense is also killer). A few of the visual treats include pink frilly dresses, superhero pjs, dinner party veils, costumes, and lots and lots of silk.

Sex Education

This British comedy follows a socially awkward teenager and his mother, a well-known sex therapist. It involves clothing choices that are equally as awkward (but you love them anyway): Print clashing, tons of tonality, mashups of patterns, and flavors of punk. There are a few appearances by colourful varsity jackets as well. Because…….high school.

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Queer Eye

The Fab Five are famous for their fab advice. In regard to fashion, three words matter the most: Crop top hoodies. Grab the scissors and make your own.

Queer Eye Cropped Hoodies

So, there you have. Next time you’re looking for something to wear, look to your TV before you look in your closet.

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