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Everything in Moderation: How to Create Balance in Your Life

Life is all about balance: some days, you eat an egg white omelet for breakfast; other days, you dine on a bag of Cheetos. One second, you spend time looking for cheap t shirts online. The next, you splurge for that high quality t shirt you saw in the local bodega. On Tuesday morning, you get up and run five miles; on Wednesday, you binge watch five episodes of Game of Thrones without getting out of your pajamas.  

In fact, balance is vital to our lives. It keeps us from tipping over (for one thing), but it also offers us a life of harmony, where everything is good in moderation. Except for coffee…...keep that coming.

So how can you find this sort of fulfillment and strive for an even-keeled existence? Try the following five tips:


Ugh – another blog about exercise. We get it, but exercise – in this capacity – isn’t about losing weight or keeping your heart strong and pumping. Rather, it’s about your mental wellness. Getting up and getting moving affects your mood, attitude, self-esteem, and focus. And the best part is it doesn’t need to be intense to be beneficial: forgo the marathon and opt for a walk around the neighborhood. Any exercise is better than none.

Hang out with your friends

Studies suggest that those who maintain strong social circles outlive those who prefer more time in isolation. It’s quite simple – people need people. But don’t need people so much that you let toxic ones in; surround yourself with true friends and not those who only appear when they need you to help them move.

Engage in mindfulness

Mindfulness is certainly easier than it sounds. The act of being fully engaged in the moment and accepting – without judgement – any thought that pops into your mind takes practice and lots of it. But the more you practice, the easier it becomes. Do it enough and mindfulness might evolve into a go-to comfort, like ice cream after a hard day or the black comfy trousers you pull on once you arrive home from work.  

Make time to play

As the old adage says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” We’ll go one step further and say that it probably also gives Jack an ulcer. Humans aren’t meant to act like machines, working endless hours without any pursual of joy. Allow yourself to take a break – splash in puddles, roll down hills, ride your bike with no hands. But maybe wear a helmet, just in case.

Get a hobby

Whether your hobby is finding the latest women’s casual wear or painting Monet’s in the garage, it doesn’t matter. You can golf, ski, read, draw, write, or take up tap dancing in the middle of the plaza. There’s even a hobby called “extreme ironing” that involves ironing clothes in some of the most treacherous and remote locations in the world. See, there’s something for everyone!

A well-rounded life is a happy life, with variety that helps us feel whole and satisfied. So, go ahead: eat your veggies but don’t be ashamed of your love for cheese. Cheddar is better than broccoli.

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