Dressed in Black: Wearing Dark Colored Clothing in the Heat


Black isn’t an uber popular color when the sun comes out. In fact, wearing any heavy hues in hot weather only compounds the climate: The darker the clothing, the more heat it absorbs.

Still, this doesn’t mean black or navy or similar tones are off-limits from June to September. Your level of clothing comfort is dictated by more than merely the color. You can easily wear a black t shirt in warm weather. But a black wool sweater? That’s a bit much - Mary wore a little lamb and then Mary got heat exhaustion.

So, what are the keys to wearing black, no matter the season? We’ll get to that in just a moment….

We’ve Got Black’s Back

Before we discuss the way, let’s look at the why: Why is black such an appealing color in the first place?

There are a few different reasons black pullover hoodies and black button up shirts fill our closets, including:
  • Versatility: Not only does black play nicely with other hues, but it also fits nearly any event you’re invited to.

  • Skin tone: Black looks good on several different skin tones. This is a unique talent as many colors wash out or clash with your complexion.

  • Style: There’s a reason the popularity of the little black dress has held steady for decades.

Because black knows how to hide shadows, lumps, and bumps, it’s also slimming (we’ll just go ahead and drop the mic right here).

Wearing Black on Warm Summer Days

Now you know why to wear it, but how do you pull it off (or, rather, on) without getting too hot and bothered? You can start by:

Choosing the right fabric: There are certain fabrics that don’t belong in summer. As mentioned above, one of these is wool; it’s a bad idea (or a baaaaaad idea in sheep-speak). Other fabrics worth fending off include velvet and leather. Instead, stick to clothes that are light and airy, such as linen pants or a cotton Beatles t shirt.

Accessorize: In cooler months, layers are used to enhance a black outfit and give it flairs of red or blue or green. But, in summer, layers of clothes equate to layers of sweat. Thus, swap out your tiers for a colorful bracelet or necklace. Make use of belts, watches, or a killer pair of flip flops.

Embrace evenings: Hot summer days don’t always lead to hot summer nights - most climates experience a dramatic temperature drop after the sun goes down. If you live in a place with such waffling weather, consider saving your black apparel for the evening. Kind of like a vampire.

Of course, you must also choose the right kind of garment. A black blazer in eighty degree heat will indeed live up to its name and leave you blazing. A black tank top, on the other hand, is the perfect way to stay cool……and look it, too.

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