5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Clothes

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Clothes

Not everyone pays attention to garment tags. The writing on the inside of a Fortnite tee or a mens black hoodie doesn't exactly make for riveting reading, a War and Pieces of Fabric page-turner that keeps you guessing. But in order to keep aesthetic hoodies bright and basic t shirts right, you must adhere to a little clothing care.

Still, the tag instructions aren’t the only things to heed in keeping your fashion looking fab for years to come. They act as an outline, certainly, but you’ll enhance your outfits with these additional tricks:

Rotate your choices

Sure, you play fashion favorites - the jeans that fit you like a glove are mainstays of your wardrobe while the ribbed, black turtlenecks only come out when it’s cold or beat poetry night at the local cafe. Although you might want to wear certain sweatpants or tops all the time, don’t. Wearing less, unsurprisingly, translates into less wear and tear.

Learn basic mending

You don’t need to be a whiz with a needle and thread to keep your duds dynamite. Yet learning some basic repair allows you to enjoy your clothes even when they’re a little roughed up. A few of the skills worth knowing include hemming, mending seams, and fixing snagged fabric. You may consider learning how to darn as well (which helps you repair holes not along the seam). Keep in mind that this is a bit of an advanced skill; many people grow frustrated, believing “darn” may more appropriately be described as “damn”.

Don’t buy clothes that require special care

If you’re unable (or unwilling) to give special care to the clothes that require it, such as a flowy silk dress, save yourself money by avoiding purchasing these types of garments in the first place.  Of course, this isn’t always possible - most people have at least a few high-maintenance items hanging in their closets. Limit these types of outfits to a minimum unless you’re patient with all their particulars.

Wash dark clothes inside out

Turning dark clothes inside out before throwing them into the washing machine is a great way to keep them from fading. You should also do this with graphic tees; it’s a trick that prevents the clothes from rubbing against other items as they spin through the cycle.

Wash clothes less

Sometimes a boost to fashion is a slap in the face to hygiene. But washing warps clothing (though it cleans them, too). Instead of doing away with your Whirlpool altogether, try washing with less detergent and in cold water. Make sure to use the right kind of soap as well - liquid is better for food, grease, and oil stains while powder is more effective on dirt.

Taking care of clothes isn’t fun or interesting (even if it’s important). Yet the above tips can help your garments go the distance. They’ll keep your apparel awesome…...just like you.

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