7 of the most common fashion mistakes

7 of the Most Common Fashion Mistakes

Fashion is a fickle beast with trends arriving and leaving like buses at a depot - the hot styles become “so last year” in the blink of an eye. To add to the confusion, fashion is also cyclic - those overalls hanging in your closet from the 1990s? Yay! They matter again! Come here, old friend! Buckle in for a wild night!

All of it - from skinny jeans to shoulder pads - is enough to drive us mad! Unless you work in the industry or have time to page through magazines and blogs, it’s easy to find yourself donning a style that’s been over for a while.

Still, there are some fashion rules that remain steadfast, laws of the bras and skirts and cool graphic t shirts that never waiver. And, with the rules, comes the common mistakes you should aim to avoid.

Seven of these include:

Too much accessorizing: Accessories enhance an outfit, yet too many can distract from one. Give your bling a break by keeping it within reason. One necklace is good; five necklaces are a strangulation hazard.

Heels that are too high: Like the above, heels can also fall under the category of “too much of a good thing.” Aim for shoes that showcase your style while allowing you to walk normally. Your orthopedist will be proud.

Wearing wrinkled clothing: Wearing wrinkled clothing is understandable - many of us don’t have the time or patience to iron our white oxford shirts before heading out the door. But wrinkles bring down an outfit - there’s no such thing as “rolled out of bed chic.” Try ironing the night before - that way, you don’t have to get up earlier to do it. Because, let’s face it, you probably won’t. Sleeping in = awesome.

Unable to say Goodbye to worn clothes: Perhaps one of the hardest things in fashion is parting with clothes that we’re emotionally connected to. You might still have your ex-boyfriend’s navy blue hoodie from high school simply because inside its threads rests years of memories. It’s okay to keep worn clothing, but refrain from wearing it. At least in public.

Failing to dress for the weather: While many of us dress to impress others, we don’t really dress to impress Mother Nature. You should! Not only will it keep you comfortable, it will prevent your clothes from getting ruined as well. If you’re caught in a rainstorm wearing your brand new bomber jacket, you might just have a cow.

Not hemming your pants: Pants come in many varieties but it’s not uncommon to find a pair that fits you poorly. Instead, sizes act as averages - they work for most people, but not all. Leg length is a common problem area and when the legs are too long, it’s a drag…...literally. Fortunately, hemming your pants is a quick fix (and it’s easy to learn if you’re unsure of how to do it).

Keeping up with the trends: Okay, it might seem odd to put this on a list of dressing don’ts, but there is such a thing as too much style. Keeping up with every trend and the many changes they undergo involves ignoring your individualism and altering your look constantly. If you do that, you’ll commit the biggest fashion mistake of all: Losing yourself along the way.

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