5 Key Trends for Summer 2020 You Don’t Want to Miss

5 Key Trends for Summer 2020 You Don’t Want to Miss

From casual tops to formal attire, fashion never sleeps. This is one of the reasons it’s always changing. The styles, the colors, the creativity - if you want to pay homage to the seasonal trends, then you need to pay attention first.

This year, the styles are a little different because the world is a lot different. So, what’s coming down the pike as the temperature warms? Graphic tees? Retro t shirts? Pandemic-inspired patterns?

Get ready for the following:


While it’s been in rotation for a few months, this style will continue throughout June and beyond. A design devoted to Mother Earth, patchwork reuses textiles and upcycled material (which reduces waste). The outcome is a type of punk aesthetic that is cool and hip. It gives you the chance to express yourself while saving the planet. Multitasking at its finest.

Patchwork tshirts


Retro is always popular, with vintage clothing high in demand. This summer will see a nod to the Club Kid Scene of the 1980s, an era where the bangs were high, the clothes wild, and no one ever knew the whereabouts of their children. This retro look is for retail rebels, avant-garde meets splatter paint. It produces a style that is frenzied but fabulous.

Retro Fashion back to the 90s

Tie-Dye Tops

Tie-dye rose to fame in 1960s America - a time of peace, love, and colorful clothing - but it was featured in Asian, African, and Peruvian cultures long before. It’s staying power is impressive as it’s still worn today (and not just by fans of the Grateful Dead). Tie-dye is a mainstay of festivals and campsites, likely peaking in mid-summer. Acid print tees, raver bucket hats, and other psychedelic patterns are trending as well.

Tie-Dye Tshirts

Oversized clothing

When it comes to fashion, size matters! This year, oversized trapeze dresses, puff sleeves, and ruffles are coming to a catwalk (or closet) near you. This is a type of power dressing where bold is beautiful. Autumn should keep the oversized-theme going, with dad blazers, large collars, and oversized yokes dominating. 

Black Oversized Hoodie

Fancy Facemasks

With the coronavirus still out and about, wearing masks has become the prudent thing to do and this trend is likely to last all summer and perhaps until science develops a vaccine. The integrity of the mask is the most important thing, but there’s no reason you can’t look fabulous while you filter pathogens. Get creative! Shop for an aesthetic facemask that allows you to show off your awesome individuality or make one at home. Staying healthy never goes out of style.

Summer is knocking on the front door and we’re ready to give it a warm welcome. Keep the above trends in mind as you merge back into public. That way, the weather won’t be the only thing that’s hot.

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